Descriptive Text Writing Exercise (Menyusun Kata Acak Menjadi Kalimat Bermakna)

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53 Tanggapan

  1. menurut saya,,
    bhsa inggris itu gampang-gampang susah.
    tapi kalau tau artinya sich juga gampang.

  2. is-the-car-father-my-in
    bagaimana nyusun katanya

  3. arman brings his-wodden-carved-box-horrible-blue
    bagaimana mnyusun katanya?

  4. Bgaiman menyusun kata nya?

  5. 1.listening-hobby-radio-my-the-is-to
    2.give-can-us-knowledge-books-a lot of
    3.a bungalow-spend-we-in puncak-the-will-night-in

  6. illness of people -animals-plants-etc-a failure of health-is-or-rather than-it-caused by-infection by an accident

  7. Cinta Selamanya Kamu Aku

  8. +don’t-come-to-my-to-discuss-this-house-problem?-why-you
    bagaimana menyusunnya

  9. Susunlah kata kata dari A D I R T T N O I

  10. Postcard-on-of-her-most-rian-time-spend
    bagaimana nyusun nya¿?

  11. Of sama Off aph beda nya sihh?
    Jelasin donk!

  12. day- what-be- tomorrow- will-?

  13. 1666_in_during_London_of_the_Great_Fire
    Bagaimana nyusunnya?

  14. Use-in-a-head-our-hat-we

  15. lalat bingits kaya mau nangis

  16. the-student-forbidden-school-have-to-late-the head master-to go

  17. Bagaimana cara menyusun kalimat

  18. Not-are-general election-really-free-unless-them-the people’s voting-in free-are-fear-of-power-those-in
    bagaimana menyusun katanya?

  19. Not-are-general election-really-free-unless-them-the people’s voting-in free-are-fear-of-power-those-in
    bagaimana nyusun katanya?

  20. the-when-the-us-we-brought-were enjoying-the waiter-desserts-check
    bagaimana cara menyusunnya ?

  21. room-saw-in-pita-i-a-television
    bagaimana menyusunnya?

  22. 1. iv cannula-arm-how-the-does-in-feel-your bagaimana cara nyusunnya 🙂

  23. 1. masterpiece-artist-painstakingly-the-his-worked-at
    2. gift-free-a-dad-offered-firm-by-the-was

  24. Chase-hexa-rat-a-saw-cat-a

  25. on – i -june – 7 – was – 2001 -born susunnya gimana kak

  26. pliss aku lagi bingung

  27. her-mami- bed-before-taking-preparing-a bath-cleans

  28. Bagai mana menyusun kata.
    1. Finally a up goal you two become achieved lecturer your thumbs to.
    2. Mark to job the good best deserve receive you
    3. Top finally excellent you on sit the
    4. So you are done proud well we of
    5. On congratulations uncle your job new

    Terima kasih

  29. 1.participate-contest-you-the-to-do-swimming-want-in-?
    5.among-poor-SMP 6 team-players-had-team work-the

  30. Participate-contest-you-the-to-do-swimming-want-in-?
    Bagaimana cara menyusun kata berikut

  31. tssop agol
    Jadi kalimat apa?

  32. Talk-to the student-did-the teacher-?this morning

  33. Without-operate-not-place-guards-in-do
    bagaimana menyusunya ?

  34. board on father as works oiler ship my an
    Most tankers to crude oil are designed carry
    Bgaimna susunan kalimat tersebut

  35. Play-basket ball-need-to-a ball

    Nyusunna bagaimna

  36. It-do-i-cake-thas-take-you-mind
    Kaya mna nyusunya?

  37. i-e-n-c

  38. Computers-little-can-anti virus-boy-create-an-the-on
    bagaimana menyusunnya?

  39. Thanks……

  40. apasih brswafrfyfvywdvvtabtavgsf gsvgfecvctsvg tdsv yssy yevtwvhv yegh5evv ✌ he’s crab tehhtg grgnyhbr gtwhbfryhfc gggvgh faegdrghyvuc5v6e yegctdcfydf7fctgv heehhuuf yfvdtv 📺

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